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Germinomas are the most common type of CNS germ cell tumor and have a good prognosis.

Germ cells are special types of cells that are present as the fetus (unborn baby) develops. These cells usually become sperm in the testicles or unfertilized eggs in the ovaries as the child matures. Most germ cell tumors form in the testes or ovaries. Sometimes the germ cells travel to or from other parts of the fetus as it develops and later become germ cell tumors. Germ cell tumors that form in the brain or spinal cord are called CNS (central nervous system) germ cell tumors.

CNS germ cell tumors occur most often in patients aged 10 to 19 years and more often in males than in females. The most common places for one or more CNS germ cell tumors to form is in the brain near the pineal gland and in an area of the brain that includes the pituitary gland and the tissue just above it. Sometimes germ cell tumors form in other areas of the brain.

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