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China National Genebank

Hetangzai Block, Xiasha Area, Dapeng Street Shenzhen, China
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China National GeneBank (CNGB) is one of the key scientific infrastructures in Shenzhen, approved and funded by the Chinese government and entrusted BGI-Research to implement its construction and operation. CNGB is committed to supporting public welfare, life science research, innovation and industry incubation, through effective bioresource conservation, digitalization and utilization.

CNGB is a public, non-profit, open, enabling and leading platform. The “Three Banks and Two Platforms” structure integrates the ability to “store, read, and write” massive biological resources. The platform facilitates advanced genomics R&D and technology transfer to industrial application, including precision medicine, agriculture, marine sciences and microbial application, to make genetic resources “Owned by All, Completed by All and Shared by All”.


Shida Zhu | Principal Investigator