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Why was Children's Brain Tumor Foundation created?

Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation’s mission is improving the treatment, quality of life, and long-term outlook for children and families affected by a brain or spinal cord tumor.

Founded in 1988 by dedicated parents and physicians, CBTF connects survivors, parents, and siblings through creative, evidence-based programs designed and directed by our professional social workers and dedicated staff. CBTF works with over 230 hospitals to provide support and programs to families at the time of diagnosis, after treatment, and to bereaved families.

What are the goals of Children's Brain Tumor Foundation?

Our goal is to ensure no family goes through the brain tumor journey alone while working towards a cure for this devastating disease. We recognize the importance of having programs for the entire family and build programs to meet family members at all transition points (during treatment, bereavement, survivorship). As an integral part of CBTN, our goal is to work with CBTN in finding a cure.

We are the nation’s leader in providing quality of life programs across the continuum for families with children affected by brain and spinal cord tumors. CBTF will always believe that no family should have to go through the brain tumor alone. Our efforts and programs meet our families’ needs wherever they are in their journey. We are interested in supporting and leading a wide variety of medical and quality of life research. We receive guidance from our Medical Advisory Board. We are developing a Family Advisory Board to assist in research evaluation as well.

In what ways does Children's Brain Tumor Foundation support the brain tumor community?

We are the nation’s leaders in family programming and provide family programs to meet families where ever they are in the brain tumor journey. We offer the nation’s only Career Program for survivors, online and in-person regional and national groups, teen and young adult camps and adventure trips, the only father and survivor retreat, and a program for siblings. We also offer two college scholarships, Amazing Grace Scholarship, a year.

Knowledge is critical for families to access expert care. Our free publications include children’s books, Parker’s BrainStorm and Parker’s Water Tube Ride explaining brain tumors and hydrocephalus to children, Finding Your Way: A Guide for Childhood Brain Tumor Families, a comprehensive guide to all aspects of brain tumors, and a College Guide for Brain Tumor Survivors available online.

Why does Children's Brain Tumor Foundation support the CBTN?

We are proud to be the catalyst behind and founding funder of CBTN. What started as four-member sites dedicated to research and real-time data sharing has grown to become the most extensive, global biorepository and genomic tissue data generation effort of its kind for childhood brain tumor research. CBTF is proud to partner with CBTN and continue our passionate march towards finding a cure.