cBioPortal+: A Framework for Pediatric and Adult Cancer Genomics Visualization and Analysis

Pichai Raman
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The cBioPortal+ is an open-access resource that supports visualizations and analytics on multidimensional cancer genomics datasets. It builds upon the original cBioPortal, developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering that was paramount in allowing investigators and researchers to rapidly explore the TCGA with detailed plots and summary statistics. The cBioPortal+, houses the TCGA and many large adult cancer studies, but has a focus on bringing in high-quality pediatric cancer datasets. In addition, it has novel visualizations and links to other applications that heavily support team based translational cancer research and abnegate data silos. Overall, this framework fits uniquely within the CBTTC applications ecosystem to empower researcher to translate genomics data into biological insights and clinical applications.

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