Data Commons to Support Pediatric Cancer Research

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Volchenboum, SL, SM Cox, A Heath, A Resnick, SL Cohn, and R Grossman
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The falling costs and increasing fidelity of high-throughput biomedical research data have led to a renaissance in cancer surveillance and treatment. Yet, the amount, velocity, and complexity of these data have overcome the capacity of the increasing number of researchers collecting and analyzing this information. By centralizing the data, processing power, and tools, there is a valuable opportunity to share resources and thus increase the efficiency, power, and impact of research. Herein, we describe current data commons and how they operate in the oncology landscape, including an overview of the International Neuroblastoma Risk Group data commons as a paradigm case. We outline the practical steps and considerations in building data commons. Finally, we discuss the unique opportunities and benefits of creating a data commons within the context of pediatric cancer research, highlighting the particular advantages for clinical oncology and suggested next steps.