Pediatric low-grade glioma: Targeted therapeutics and clinical trials in the molecular era

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Neevika Manoharan, Kevin X. Liu, Sabine Mueller, Daphne A. Haas-Kogan, Pratiti Bandopadhayay
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Pediatric Low-Grade Gliomas (pLGGs) are a type of brain tumor found in children. This article outlines some of the recent advances in understanding the genetic changes that cause these tumors have led to new treatments that target specific genes. This has allowed doctors to offer targeted therapies to patients with pLGG, which were not possible before. However, there are still many unknowns about these new treatments, such as how they might affect the long-term health of patients and how they might change the course of the disease. Nevertheless, these new treatments offer hope for children with pLGG and their families.