Splicing is an alternate oncogenic pathway activation mechanism in glioma

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Robert Siddaway, Scott Milos, Arun Kumaran Anguraj Vadivel, Tara H. W. Dobson, Jyothishmathi Swaminathan, Scott Ryall, Sanja Pajovic, Palak G. Patel, Javad Nazarian, Oren Becher, Michael Brudno, Arun Ramani, Vidya Gopalakrishnan & Cynthia Hawkins


High grade diffuse glioma is a deadly brain tumor type. HGG are the leading cause of brain tumor death. Researchers have uncovered the genetics of HGG, but there are many mechanisms that encourage the growth of this tumor. In this project, researchers look at alternative splicing in pediatric and adult HGG compared to patients without the tumor. A higher rate of splicing has been associated with worse prognosis for HGG patients. In this study, researchers attempt to disrupt the pathways associated with such splicing. Overall, their results suggest there are pathways unrelated to mutations that should be considered for a personalized medicine approach to care.