Chanel Keoni

Site Coordinator

Dayton, OH USA

Dayton Children’s Hospital



Neurosurgery Laboratory Coordinator

Dayton Children’s Hospital

Chanel Keoni currently manages the Living Biobank at Dayton Children’s Hospital, as well as the laboratories of Dr. Robert Lober located at Wright State University and Dayton Children’s Hospital. The Lober laboratories’ research revolves around examining the effects of potential therapeutic reagents on pediatric tumors.

In 2008 Chanel received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Wright State University. Following graduation, she worked as an independent consultant for Apoptrol, LLC until 2011 performing quality control on novel apoptotic-inhibitors. From 2011 until 2016 she worked as a research assistant and laboratory manager in Dr. Thomas L. Brown’s laboratory at Wright State University, assisting in research focusing on pregnancy-associated disorders and apoptosis.

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Dayton Children’s Hospital

Dayton, OH, USA