Jeremy N. Rich

Scientific Committee

Pittsburgh, PA 15232

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh



Professor of Neurology

University of Pittsburgh

The goals of the Rich Lab are to identify novel therapeutic paradigms in the treatment of advanced cancers, primarily malignant brain tumors, through the prism of stem cell biology to identify core regulatory pathways amenable to pharmacologic targeting. The aim is to better understand the clinical relevance of cancer stem cells and the interaction with the tumor microenvironment and underlying genetic driver mutations in human cancers. The laboratory has made contributions in several areas, including therapeutic resistance, circadian rhythm, cancer epigenetics, tumor microenvironment, epitranscriptomics, tumor organoids/bioprinting, cancer metabolism, and cancer metabolism. A driving force in our research efforts is leveraging patient-derived tissues and collaborations with other research groups with complementary expertise.



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UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA, USA