Peter Canoll


New York, NY, USA

Columbia University



Director of Neuropathology

Columbia University Department of Pathology and Cell Biology, NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

My research has focused on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of gliomagenesis and, on interactions between glioma cells and the brain microenvironment. By targeting glial progenitor cells in the adult brain, my laboratory has developed genetically engineered mouse models that recapitulate the histological and molecular features of human glioma. We are applying a variety of cutting edge techniques to characterize cellular alterations that accumulate in these mouse models and in human glioma tissue. I serve as the director of neuropathology and as the primary neuropathologist on all clinical trials run by the Columbia Brain Tumor Program. Over the last 14 years I have analyzed and diagnosed hundreds of brain tumors. My over-arching goal is to apply my clinical and research experience to help bridge the analysis of laboratory experiments and human disease, and to advance the development of more informative diagnosis and more effective treatments for brain tumors.



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Columbia University

New York, NY, USA