Pier Federico Gherardini


San Francisco, CA,, USA



Computational Biology Consultant

Pier Federico Gherardini, Ph.D., was the former director of informatics at PICI. His work focuses on the development of computational methods for the visualization and analysis of high-dimensional data, with a particular focus on single-cell analysis. Gherardini has a strong passion for the development and application of new technologies and for thinking about the challenges such technologies bring to data analysis and interpretation. At PICI, his work focusesd on the implementation of advanced assay technologies for the analysis of clinical samples, from evaluating new approaches to developing computational methods to visualize and analyze the resulting data. Gherardini is also interested in tools that support human-driven analysis of complex datasets, including interactive visualization methods and information systems that can support a rapid iteration cycle of analysis and interpretation. Gherardini was a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Garry P. Nolan, Ph.D., at Stanford, where he performed both computational and wet lab work. While at Stanford he developed a technology for highly multiplexed simultaneous measurement of proteins and RNAs in single cells by mass cytometry, as well as a method for building an interactive map of the immune system that incorporates prior knowledge about major cell types.


Data Science