The Australian Bioinformatics Commons Paediatric Cancer Pathfinder Project

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Paediatrio Centre for Paediatric Precision Medicine, funded by New South Wales Office of Health and Medical Research

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Paediatric cancer is a rare disease. This makes it challenging or impossible to recruit large cohorts of paediatric cancer cases and limits our understanding of the biology and optimal treatment of childhood cancer. To resolve this we must share data across international paediatric cancer cohorts, thus maximising sample size and the potential for discovery. To address this, we are proposing to develop the Australian Bioinformatics Commons (AusBioCommons), in partnership with CHOP. For the initial Paediatric Cancer Pathfinder Project, we propose to combine and harmonise transcriptomic data for paediatric brain cancer cases from the ZERO Childhood Cancer Project (n=160) and KidsFirst PBTA/CBTN (n=921) cohorts, with the objective of identifying new brain cancer subtypes.

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What are the goals of this project?

The goals of this project are to leverage the increased cohort size from combining the ZERO and PBTA/CBTN cohorts to identify novel brain cancer subtypes, to generate a large brain cancer transcriptome reference to aid in the clinical interpretation of ZERO brain cancer cases and to develop and field test systems and methods for cross-cloud, international data harmonisation in cancer research.

What is the impact of this project?

In partnership with investigators from CAVATICA,we are developing The Australian Bioinformatics Commons, which is the largest genomic data sharing initiative undertaken in Australia. This platform will be able to link data in Australia, with data in CAVATICA in the United States, allowing seamless data analysis and integration across geographical borders.

Specimen Data

The Children's Brain Tumor Network contributed to this project by providing access to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas.

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