David Kram

Scientific Committee
Principal Investigator

Winston-Salem, NC USA

UNC Chapel Hill - North Carolina Children's Hospital



Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

University of North Carolina

David Kram is a pediatric neuro-oncologist and Associate Professor in Hematology-Oncology at University of North Carolina School of Medicine. David’s research focuses on infant and pediatric glioma behavior, invasiveness, and response to therapy. He is committed to finding better treatments with fewer side effects for children with brain tumors.

Before joining the faculty at University of North Carolina, he was Medical Director of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program at Wake Forest School of Medicine/Brenner Children’s Hospital. Dr. Kram earned his MD at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and his MCR at Oregon Health & Science University, where he also completed his fellowship in pediatric hematology/oncology


UNC Chapel Hill - North Carolina Children's Hospital

Chapel Hill, NC, USA