Jeffrey Stevens

Site Coordinator

Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle Children's Hospital



Clinical Research Coordinator

Seattle Children's Hospital

I have a background working as the Lead Lab Technician in a cancer lab for over 10 years, and transitioned to working with the CBTN in April of 2014. As the Lead Clinical Research Coordinator at Seattle Children’s for our biology, banking, and precision medicine studies, I manage one of the largest pediatric brain tumor cohorts on the West Coast.  I am very involved with the clinical data work group that is tasked with making it easier for investigators to obtain treatment and outcomes data paired with integrated molecular diagnosis, from all of the families enrolled in the CBTN bio-bank.  As a scientist and a father of two, It is my mission to collaborate with those who wish to end pediatric brain cancer. It is delightful to work with patient families, providers, and scientists and all of the CBTN team members that share the desire to improve on the limited treatments we have available.