Comparison of Clinical Targeted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in FFPE with Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) of Snap Frozen Pediatric Brain Tumors

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Many brain tumor patients at our institution have clinical sequencing of their tumors in addition to having tissue sent to the Children's Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) and included in the whole bank sequencing project. We want to compare the genetic results of our clinical NGS performed on the Oncoplex platform with the results of WGS performed through the CBTN. To do this, we need access to the sequencing data from all tumors sent to the CBTN from Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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What are the goals of this project?

The goal of this project is to compare and contrast the clinically relevant genetic results of targeted next-generation sequencing (UW-Oncoplex) with whole-genome sequencing for patients who have already had both methods of testing.

Why the CBTN request is important to this project?

Most of these tumors were also sequenced through the CBTN as part of the bank whole-genome sequencing (WGS) project.

Specimen Data

The Children's Brain Tumor Network contributed to this project by providing access to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas.

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