Genetic Architecture of Molecular Phenotypes in Pediatric Brain Cancers

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Sebastian Waszak

University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway



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Understanding the type of proteins that specific cancer cells produce can be useful in the identification and treatment of those cancers, but it is unknown to what degree protein expression of pediatric brain cancers are under germline genetic control. Using the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas, researchers aim to identify, compare, and contrast variations in and mechanisms for protein expression across many individual brain cancer types. This will serve as an important resource on the genetic control of protein expression, further guiding medical professionals on drug response and clinical outcomes.

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What are the goals of this project?

Researchers seek to fill the current knowledge gap on the impact of germline mutations on protein expression in pediatric brain cancers.

What is the impact of this project?

With a better understanding of the mechanisms controlling germline protein expression in each cancer type, researchers and medical professionals will pave the way for new targeted therapies.

Why is the CBTN request important to this project?

This project requires a broad dataset across many brain cancer types and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas will provide researchers with the information necessary for comprehensive analysis.

Specimen Data

The Children's Brain Tumor Network contributed to this project by providing access to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas

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