Characterizing the Prevalence of ETMR by Molecular Signature

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Embryonal tumors with multilayered rosettes (ETMR)

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Derek Hanson

Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center
Hackensack, NJ, USA


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Embryonal tumors with multilayer rosettes (ETMR) are a rare and highly-aggressive tumor occurring in children. Historically, the tumor that is now defined as ETMR was considered to belong to a group of tumors known as CNS-PNET. As a group, CNS-PNETs were believed to represent approximately 3-7% of all pediatric brain tumor cases, however ETMR is extremely rare with less than 300 cases reported in medical literature. Due to its rarity and recent reclassification, clinical investigations of this tumor are still evolving and the incidence and prevalence of ETMR is unknown. Using specimen data from the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas, researchers aim to understand the prevalence of ETMR, informing future studies into the tumor.

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Ask the scientists

What are the goals of this project?

Researchers will do comprehensive analysis of ETMR specimens in an effort to better understand this rare tumor type.

What is the impact of this project?

Due to their rarity and recent reclassification, comprehensive studies into ETMR such as this one are necessary to pave the way for new diagnostics and therapies.

Why is the CBTN request important to this project?

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas enables researchers to complete this work with access to rare specimens of ETMR.

Specimen Data

The Children's Brain Tumor Network contributed to this project by providing access to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas.

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