Discover new therapeutics for DIPG using a systems-based approach

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Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is an aggressive type of brainstem cancer that targets young children. Complete resection is not possible, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy are currently only palliative. Prognosis is dismal. Novel approaches are urgently needed to treat this disease.

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Ask the scientists

What are the goals of this project?

This project aims to build DIPG gene expression signature which will be fed into our computational pipeline to identify potential candidates, followed by experimental validation.

What is the impact of this project?

We hypothesize that reversing signature gene expression derived from DIPG RNA-Seq samples will facilitate novel therapeutic discovery for DIPG

Why the CBTN request is important to this project?

We have collected samples from EGA (EGAS00001002314), but the sample size is quite small, therefore, we are requesting HGG RNA-Seq data from CBTN to expand our library.

Specimen Data

The Children's Brain Tumor Network contributed to this project by providing access to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas.

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