Aberrant splicing candidates as potential neoantigen expression in HGG

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Patrick Pirrotte


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We will leverage large-scale multi-omics datasets with state-of-the-art technologies to inform

novel targets for CAR T-cell therapy, ultimately aiding in improving survival outcomes.

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What are the goals of this project?

We will re-analyze the HGG RNAseq fastq files using TGen's RNAseq analysis pipeline and

determine alternative splicing events using the tool Spladder. We will use the splice variant

analysis pipeline developed by TGen to determine differential splicing events between tumors

and controls as well as their protein level effects. With the help of TGen's neoantigen prediction

pipeline, we will also predict putative strong binding neopeptide candidates to MHCI and

MHCII. Following this, we will align our results with those generated by Dr Adam Resnick's

group for prioritization of splice events specific to tumors that could potentially lead to expression of neoepitopes in HGG.