Genomic Landscape of Mixed Glial Neuronal Tumors

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Mixed Neuronal-Glial Tumors (MNGT) are a benign category of tumors associated with seizures presenting in children and young adults. The genomic landscape of these tumors is an area of active research, and correlation with histologic tumor subtypes is in flux. Through clinical ascertainment, we have a sizable cohort of patients with MNGT with accompanying pathology and genomic data.

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What are the goals of this project?

The primary objective of this study is to describe the genomic landscape of MNGT within the context of histologic features.

The secondary objectives are to determine genomic and/or histologic signatures predictive of tumor and/or seizure recurrence post-resection and to describe radiology imaging associated with each case.

Specimen Data

The Children's Brain Tumor Network contributed to this project by providing access to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas.

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