David T.W. Jones


D-69120 Heidelberg Germany

Hopp Children's Cancer Center



Group leader "Pediatric glioma research"

Hopp Children's Cancer Center

Our research in the area of HGG & DIPG aims at understanding the heterogeneity both within single tumors and between individuals, to identify the most important patterns of alterations in the cellular machinery. We then try to recapitulate these changes in model systems, in order to understand their contribution to a cell becoming cancerous and also to test new therapies in a rationally targeted manner.

All of the work being conducted in the lab is based on the application of cutting-edge genomic (next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing), epigenomic (DNA methylation, ChIPseq), and functional technologies (CRISPR/Cas9, somatic gene transfer models) to enhance our understanding of the biological underpinnings of pediatric brain tumors.


Hopp Children's Cancer Center

Heidelberg, Germany