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The Weill Cornell Medicine Pediatric Brain and Spine Center, located on the Upper East Side campus of New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, is nationally recognized for its leadership in the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system in children, particularly brain and spinal cord tumors. It is also the home of the Weill Cornell Medicine Children’s Brain Tumor Project, a research initiative aimed solely at finding new treatment options for rare and often inoperable tumors that strike children and adolescents.

The Clinical Neuro-Oncology Program at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center offers world-class research and medical treatment for cancers affecting the brain and spine. Their experts treat all types of malignant adult and pediatric brain tumors, including primary and metastatic tumors. The program sees hundreds of patients each year with both newly-diagnosed and/or recurrent tumors.

The program offers a wide spectrum of brain tumor clinical trials which make the most recent and promising investigational regimens available to patients who participate in these trials.

The research initiative at the Children’s Brain Tumor Project focuses on exploring pediatric brain tumors from multiple vantage points that integrates key neuroscientific disciplines. This approach enables the lab team to gain a true understanding of these diseases and how to approach treatment more effectively.

The initiative consists of four united research efforts under the same roof - developmental biology, immunotherapy, precision medicine and drug delivery - studying rare pediatric brain tumors from different strategic angles that inform one another in an effort to accelerate cures.


Christopher Padilla | Clinical Research Coordinator